2020 AGM


The Annual General Meeting of the parish will take place on Sunday, 23rd February, 2020.


All committee and audit reports are to be handed to the parish secretary no later than COB [2:00 PM], 26th January, 2020.

Parish Council:12DEC19

The parish council will meet this Thursday, 12 December, 2019,  at 18:00 (6:00 PM).

Ecumenical Patriarch Suggests Reunion with Rome


Patriarch Bartholomew tells Athonites reunion with Catholics is inevitable, reports UOJ


Mt. Athos, November 27, 2019


On November 12, Patriarch Bartholomew participated in the Vespers service at the Catholic Abbey of Our Lady of St. Rémy in Rochefort, Belgium, together with Archimandrite Alexios, the abbot of Xenophontos Monastery, and Hieromonk Theophilos of Pantocrator Monastery, both on Mt. Athos.


According to a new report from the Union of Orthodox Journalists, during his trip to Mt. Athos the previous month, Pat. Bartholomew attempted to convince several Athonite abbots and monks that there are no dogmatic differences between Orthodoxy and Catholicism, and that reunion with the Catholic church is inevitable.


Pat. Bartholomew expressed his personal convictions during a private talk at Pantocrator Monastery with the brethren and guests of the monastery, including other Athonite abbots. Eyewitnesses report that Pat. Bartholomew’s security did not allow anyone to record the conversation.


In his opinion, the division that now exists between Orthodoxy and Catholicism is merely a matter of historical events, not dogmatic differences.


Catholics “are just as Christian as we are,” Pat. Bartholomew emphasized, adding that the recent gift of the relics of St. Peter from Pope Francis is proof of the Catholic church’s nearness to Orthodoxy.


According to the UOJ’s sources, Pantocrator abbot Archimandrite Gabriel, Xenophontos abbot Archimandrite Alexios, Vatopedia abbot Archimandrite Ephraim, the brethren of several monasteries, and other guests were all present for the talk.


Most of the brethren were at a loss, hearing Pat. Bartholomew’s ecumenistic arguments, though none present objected. Some of those present reportedly began to weep when Pat. Bartholomew said that reunion with the Catholic church is inevitable.


Recall that Xenophontos and Pantocrator Monasteries have been the most receptive to the Ukrainian schismatics. Abbot Alexios of Xenophontos concelebrated in the enthronement of Epiphany Dumenko as primate of the OCU, and Pantocrator was the first monastery where schismatics served Liturgy on Mt. Athos.


At a recent meeting in Constantinople with representatives of Tbilisi University, Pat. Bartholomew said that dialogue with other Christians, especially Catholics, is one of the priorities of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.


Source: https://orthochristian.com/125924.html?fbclid=IwAR37IFXBC8NES2apvWoS8sSblzgrTQq6sgkhAzpLm6GAGquEr3USdK1-qBc


Pre-Advent Lenten Dinner


The pre-Advent Lenten dinner will be held Sunday, 10 November, 2019, following Divine Liturgy. Please coordinate this pot luck dinner with the sisterhood president, Susan Russo.

27th Annual Slavic Festival, Ambridge, PA


Holy Ghost Orthodox Church
210 Maplewood Avenue
Ambridge, Pennsylvania 15003


V. Rev. Fr. William J. Evansky, Pastor



10 September, 2019


Glory to Jesus Christ!


The Holy Ghost Orthodox Church will be sponsoring its TWENTY-SEVENTH Annual Slavic Food Festival on Saturday, October 12, at the Holy Ghost Orthodox Youth Center, 405 Maplewood Avenue, Ambridge from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. I would appreciate it if you would relay this information to your congregation in your weekly bulletin or after-Church announcements.


Dinners will feature stuffed cabbage, chicken Kiev, kielbassi with sauerkraut, pierogis, and halushki. A variety of home baked pastries, cake and pies will be available for dessert or to take home.


Other highlights of the festival will include a Religious Articles booth and a festival auction. The Russian Balalaika Orchestra will provide live musical entertainment at 3:00 pm followed by the Strolling Balalaikas of Pittsburgh at 4:00 pm. Attached is a flier to post on your Church's bulletin board.


I will be looking forward to seeing you and members of your congregation at our Festival. Thank you for promoting our event.


Please feel free to notify me when your congregation has a festival or fund raising event, so that we may publicize it in our Church bulletin.


Yours in Christ,


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