Growth Committee

The Growth Committee


The next meeting of the Growth Committee will be at Wednesday, August 30, 2017, at 6:30 PM in the church hall.  All are welcome attend and bring ideas.

Weeding and cleaning

Wed: June 12, 2017; The parish turned out in numbers to weed and clean up the church garden at 6:00 PM and bags of weeds and over growth were hauled away. It was a great evening, not too hot and not too humid but it was the coming together of a parish to continue to enhance our church.

New Audio

Sun: Jun 9, 2017; The parish introduced a new microphone system to replace the previous one. The new Samson “Airline Micro” wireless earset system is far superior to the previous that the church had and parishioners commented on how clear the audio was. It is an over the ear microphone and is highly sensitive to sound. So sensitive that parishioners asked for the volume to be turned down four times! That is a first for this parish! Usually it has been one of “turn the volume up!”


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