Rose Hill Cemetery Altar


Rose Hill Cemetery was established in 1913. It is a privately held company incorporated in Pennsylvania.


On 16 August,1937, Wallace McKitten (Wasyl Mykytyn) purchased three lots, 2042, 2043 and 2044, at Rose Hill Cemetery.


The Council Meeting minutes of 9 September 1984, stated:

“PASTOR’S REPORT: Father Joseph Wargo reported that he had looked at the lot at Rose Hill Cemetery which Olga McKitten has donated to the church. It is on a slight grade. After some discussion, it was suggested that the owner of Rose Hill be contacted to see about changing it for one on the level. All were in favor of accepting the donation.”


Members present at this Council Meeting were: Father Joseph Wargo, Steven Sinkevich, Stella DeLess, Ann Fedosick, Helen Daller, George Milich, Martin Olenic Sr., Nick Blisak, Nick Sopel and Carole Tincha.


Roger Constantino, President of Rose Hill Cemetery, responded in a letter dated 21 September, 1984:

“Rose Hill Cemetery Assn. donates space to St Andrew Orthodox Church, Lyndora, PA to erect a monument to their liking to be used for service whenever they choice {sic}. This space is located in Section ‘C’ Lot 209 ½ approx. 40 sq. ft.”Rose Hill Altar back 2Rev


The granite Rose Hill Cemetery Altar is in memory of Matilda L Krepinevich. She was born on 2 April, 1915 in Butler to Wawro Zmijowski from Benewa/Byeneva, Galicia/Ukraine and Mary Levitsky from Bohatkivtsi, Galicia/Ukraine. Matilda married Victor F Krepinevich 8 June, 1940. She was a member of St Andrew’s Sisterhood of the Altar. Matilda passed away 4 June, 1987 and was buried at North Side Cemetery.


Victor F Krepinevich was born in Lyndora 8 November, 1916 to Theodore Krepinevich from Liascovich, Poland and Paraskeva ‘Pearl ‘ Harupa from Evanovo, Poland. Victor served as a Navy gunner’s mate in the Pacific during WWII, was a life member and past commander of Michael Kosar American Legion Post 778 in Lyndora, was a life member of the Slovak Sokol Society, and a lifelong member of St Andrew’s. At Armco he was a foreman in the transportation department and retired after 43 years. Victor passed away 23 September, 2003 and was buried at North Side Cemetery.Rose Hill Altar front


Wallace McKitten (Wasyl Mykiyyn) was born in the Roccas, Austria/Ukraine on 14 March, 1900 to Andrew Mykityn and Ann Sopulak/Sopiluk from Austria/Ukraine. Wallace married Mary Matonak who was born 23 June, 1906 in Lyndora to Jack Matonak and Kate Tibus from Hanusovce, Austria Hungary. She passed away 22 March, 1947.


In the 1940s Wallace operated the Hudson Automobile Agency, later founding the Hudson Roller Rink on West Jefferson Street. He was a co-founder and operator of the Castle Roller Rink on New Castle Road. He was also engaged in breeding and racing of harness race horses. Wallace was a member of St Andrew’s Orthodox Church.


Wallace married Olga (nee Michnuk) Collins 8 July, 1949. She who was born 18 August, 1910, in Lyndora to Ilia ‘Alex’ Michnuk and Xenia Vlasuk from Russia. Olga’s first husband, Clarence W Collins, died 8 December, 1932. Olga was employed by Aluminum Research Laboratories and for 16 years was employed by Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation. For 20 years she owned and operated a horse-breeding farm for harness racing. She was a member of St Andrew’s Sisterhood of the Altar.


Wallace passed away 5 July, 1969 and was buried at Rose Hill Cemetery with his first wife. Olga McKitten passed away 12 February, 1994 and was buried near her first husband at the Mount Airy Cemetery, Natrona Heights PA.


The altar was created by the Sechler Memorial Company.


The Sechler Memorial Company was started in the 1880’s and was located at 212 North Main Street, Butler PA. Around 1914 the Sechler family moved their operation to 219 West Jefferson Street which is the location of the current monument display and shop. The Sechler family maintained the family operation until 1968 when Wendall Sechler sold his business to Logue & Son Memorials.


Logue & Son Memorials was started in 1896 and has been a family owned and operated business for five generations. It is currently owned by L. Dana Logue Jr., and L. Dana Logue III, the fourth and fifth generations of the family. They design and engrave the memorials at their Sligo PA shop.


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Joyce Salak


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